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Safety is always a priority. Remember to keep the candle within sight, away from children and pets, and never near flammable items. For the ultimate experience, let the candle burn for 3 to 4 hours with each lighting, and keep the wick trimmed to a cozy 1/4 inch. When you reach the last moments of your candle's life, bid farewell when only 1/2 inch of wax remains.

"Immerse yourself in the soulful world of jazz with our 'All That Jazz' candle, a tribute to the timeless rhythms of music. Crafted from a natural soy wax blend and featuring a 100% cotton wick, this candle offers a clean, eco-friendly burn that mirrors the authenticity of jazz itself. As you bask in the gentle glow of the cotton wick, you'll be transported to a realm of pure bliss by our carefully curated Comfort Spice fragrance. This comforting blend envelops you in a soothing aura, reminiscent of the rich and harmonious notes of jazz. The 'All That Jazz' candle is a perfect companion for jazz enthusiasts, with its evocative message and captivating aroma. Let this candle be your soundtrack to relaxation, invoking the ambiance of a dimly lit jazz club. Light it to infuse your space with the spirit of jazz, and let the smooth, comforting glow transport you to a realm where all that matters is the music.


'All That Jazz'—a candle that harmonizes the senses and celebrates the artistry of jazz."This beautiful creation measures at a perfect 3″ × 3 2/8" (7.6cm × 8.25cm) – just the right size to complement any space. It's a product of nature's finest, with a 100% natural soy wax blend and a cotton wick for a clean and eco-friendly burn.

Lovingly assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts with an average burn time of 50-60 hours, you have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty this candle offers. Treat yourself or someone special to a journey of relaxation like no other.




All That Jazz Candle

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