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The "Life Happens, Jazz Helps" 11-ounce mug! This stylish and motivational coffee mug is designed for those who enjoy the soothing notes of jazz music. Let this mug be a reminder that in the midst of life's challenges and chaos, the timeless rhythms of jazz can be comforting and calming.  Crafted with a sleek design and durable ceramic, this mug not only holds your favorite beverages but also serves as a daily dose of encouragement with a QR code on the back you have easy access to Dr. Davina's Dots so you can listen to inspiration and jazz on demand. Start your mornings or take a well-deserved break with a warm cup of coffee or tea in this mug, and let the harmonious power of jazz accompany you through the ups and downs of the day.  It's a perfect gift for jazz enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the healing touch of music in their daily routine.

Life Happens Jazz Helps 11oz Black Mug

SKU: 22088374663076324229
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