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April 2023

In this Project I showcase several of my latest project that included designing custom jackets, hoodies and warm up suits for the sports department of a school. This project was a labor of love, as I worked closely with the school's administrators and coaches to create a unique design that would capture the essence of the school's sports program.

I was able to create a design represents the school's teams with pride. I carefully selected high-quality materials and incorporated the school's colors and themes to create a professional and polished look. The result was a set of products that not only looked great but also served as a symbol of the school's athletic excellence.

I enjoyed working on this project and seeing the final product in action, as athletes and the staff proudly wear their apparel is a rewarding experience that reminds me of the power of design to bring people together.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work and feel inspired to create something special for your own sports team or organization.

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